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How to Complete Your Term Paper Successfully: 5 Expert Tips

A term paper often accounts for a large portion of a student's grade. In order to get a high score in the class, the student must submit a high-scoring paper. These five tips will help students to improve the quality of their writing.

The Thesis

A clear thesis is a must-have for any paper. The thesis should encompass one or two sentences that describe what the entire paper is about. For it to be considered a thesis, this sentence must make an argument that can be supported by facts. If the thesis has already been proven, it is not a thesis. For the paper to receive a top score, the thesis must make a strong argument.


If the thesis is that the sky is green, the student will have problems writing an argument. In the paper, the student must use evidence to support their thesis statement. This evidence could be primary sources, data or quotes from secondary sources. Students can use academic journals, scientific research, primary source material or scholarly articles to support their thesis.

Making an Argument

The body of the paper is devoted to building an argument. Using evidence, the student must show that they have proven their thesis. To ensure a logical argument, students should create an outline. In the outline, they will detail the steps that they need to make to show the strength of their thesis. If the argument is not strong enough, students should rearrange the outline or find new evidence.

Set the Paper Aside

Students should plan on completing their essay several days or weeks before it is due. Once the paper is complete, they should set it aside for a few days and focus on something else. This will allow the student to return to the paper with fresh eyes. With a new perspective, they will be able to determine the quality of their argument and spot grammatical errors. For extra help, the student can always use a tutor or a trusted classmate to help them with editing.

Proofreading the Paper

Nothing is perfect after just a first draft. Before a student can submit their term paper, they must proofread it completely. Initially, they should use a word program or editing software to spot grammatical problems. Afterward, the student should go through the paper line-by-line to check for typos or spelling errors. They should go through the bibliography and the format of the paper to make sure that it conforms to the assigned writing style.