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What Are The Steps To Writing A Good Research Paper: A Simple Guide

For many subjects, essay writing is a main component of the student's grade. History, English, humanities and art classes will often require the student to write an essay in place of a mid-term test or a final exam. To get a top score in the class, the student must be able to write a high-quality paper. The following guide is intended to help students achieve the score they deserve in their classes.

Choose a Topic Early

When writing a paper, students need all of the time that they can get to properly research it. By choosing a topic early, students can begin to devote more of their time to the actual writing process. They can find interesting topics by searching the Internet, getting ideas from their textbook or asking their teacher for advice.

Stay Organized During the Research Process

One of the best ways to speed up the writing process is by staying organized. If students keep their notes separated according to different parts of their argument, they will find it much easier to write. As the student does their research, they should also jot down all of the sources that they are using. This will save time on writing the bibliography later and reduce the time spent doing in-text citations.

Make an Outline

The best papers are almost always made using an outline. With an outline, the student can develop a logical, consistent argument. If there are problems with the argument, they can change it before they have actually written the document. In addition, the student can jot down notes about the different sources and ideas that they will use in each section of their paper. By doing this, the student speeds up the time it takes to write their paper and ensures that they know each of the statistics that they will use to support their argument.

Writing the Paper

Writing an essay is never a simple task. Instead of doing the entire assignment on the last night, students should set daily goals for writing. In general, a goal of writing 200 to 500 words a day is a great way for the student to make sure that they complete their essay in time. Students should keep in mind that they will need to finish in time to thoroughly edit and proofread the document. In addition, the student may want to budget a few extra days in case they get sick or a family emergency develops during the quarter.