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5 Examples Of A Good Research Paper Thesis Statement

The reasons for engaging in research are varied. As a student, the main one is often the accumulation of higher grades to bolster your GPA. Some students feel drawn to research because it allows them to practically apply their knowledge to the field they love. Whatever the reason you engage in research, you will need to be able to create a well-structured thesis statement. If you’ve never done this before, there are five you can look through below to get a sense of how they’re done.

“Fossil Fuels should no longer be legally used in transportation”

In this thesis statement you can clearly see that a stance has been taken. It is meant to be a statement and not a question so that your following points and the evidence within them can be used to support it. The preceding parts of your introduction in this research paper would have gradually laid the groundwork for this statement to be credible.

“Net Neutrality should be maintained at all costs”

Again, this thesis statement is one that can be debated and quite easily so because it qualifies the concept of maintenance by saying “at all costs”. This is divisive because most people will agree for the maintenance of some net neutrality but many of them would give the concept up under specific conditions.

“The sale of sperm and eggs should be made illegal and seen as a form of slavery”

While controversial, this statement shows how you can claim two different things at once. The thesis statement states that the practice should be made illegal but also viewed with a different lens from the one we usually apply to it.

“Smart technology has led to a noticeable decline in human intellect”

This statement is neat and straightforward. It can lead into an essay that clearly explores the prevalence of smart devices in all facets of life and the mental processes that have been outsources to them. An additional avenue to consider is the likely increase in use when robotics becomes more mainstream.

“Sexism has been almost completely eradicated”

This statement could introduce an essay that details the strides made by women in all spheres and how their options have diversified over the centuries.

The good thing about practicing making thesis statements is that you don’t need to write the whole essay at all. Just the statement will be enough to get you on track for later assignments.