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Good research paper topics is worth looking for

Writing a research paper can be stressful for even the best students. One of the most important steps to writing a research assignment that’s guaranteed to result in a great grade is to choose an excellent topic. The topic chosen for the research paper will have a lot to do with how well the final result turns out. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a good topic:

A Topic that Interests You

There’s a reason people say “time flies when you’re having fun.” A research paper might not be many students’ idea of a good time, but choosing a topic that’s interesting, engaging, and inspirational will make a huge difference in the student’s motivation. Choosing an interesting topic doesn’t necessarily mean the student has to choose one they’re an expert in. In fact, it can often mean just the opposite. Instead of choosing a topic they’re an expert on, it can be a great strategy to choose one they know little about, but want to know more. That way, the research portion of the project is more enjoyable, because the student gets to learn new things in the process.

A Topic with Appropriate Scope

In addition to choosing a topic with a subject that’s interesting, the student should also choose one that has an appropriate scope for the paper they’re assigned to write. That is, the topic shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow. “Butterflies” is going to be far too broad a topic for most university papers; “Monarch Butterflies” might be appropriate for some papers, and “The Migration Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly” might be better for others. The topic’s scope should be determined with a few things in mind:

  • The audience
  • In terms of target audience the student should usually consider their colleagues as a good rule of thumb. The paper should be in depth enough to interest them without requiring undue amounts of background information.

  • The length of the paper
  • The student should make a quick sample outline which takes page count into consideration, noting how much page space should be dedicated to each section of information. A topic of the appropriate scope should “fit” the page length requirement without requiring much filler or leaving the student struggling for content.

  • Conclusion
  • Choosing a great topic doesn’t have to be difficult. At most it simply requires that the student put some thought into the matter before beginning.