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Some Ideas for Choosing Topics for Sociology Research Papers

Sociology can be a very interesting subject to write about. Writers are able to study groups of people and their culture, and how culture changes as time goes by. Sociology allows writers to write about a broad selection of topics that can range from cults to race.

Race and Nationality

The subject of race and nationality is one of the most written about topics within sociology. There are many discussion points and a range of different topics that fall under the race and nationality umbrella.

  • The writer is able to discuss the effects that a persona origin can have on them.
  • A discussion point can be whether a person of a particular race feels bonded with those of a similar origin.
  • Census data can be used to write research papers.
  • How racial stereotyping can affect certain cultures.

The Sociology of Food

Despite food being something that we both need and enjoy, it can also make for an interesting research topic.  Writers can write about the source of our everyday food, or how certain outlets produce their goods.

  • Research can be made as to the current laws and food regulations.
  • The writer can discuss the different countries that supply food to the United States.
  • How are pesticides used in farms that produce food?

Mass Media

The media surrounds us every day, whether it’s the television, our favorite magazine or the radio station we listen to. Using mass media for a sociology paper is not only interesting, but has a number of avenues that can be investigated.

  • Research can be made as to how television network decides what commercials are played at certain times of the day.
  • How different races are portrayed in the media.
  • Does children’s television benefit our children in the 21st century?
  • How has technology in the 21st century affected the way we watch television.
  • Should celebrities portray themselves as potential role models?

Youth Cultures

Youth culture can be a particularly interesting subject to cover as the genre is ever changing and Youth can belong to a number of different subcultures.  A number of different subcultures are listed below.

  • The hip hop Culture that ranges from the 1980s through to 2000.
  • The extreme sport culture, topics can cover skydiving, mountain biking snowboarding etc.
  • The emo culture and whether such a culture can be seen as self-destructive.
  • How the media can affect youth and what messages it portrays in both programming and advertising.