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How To Write A Good Thesis For A Research Paper In An Hour

As silly as it may seem, there is a way to write a good thesis for a research paper in an hour. Obviously you need to get the practical or physical conditions in place. This means that you are in an environment where you will have no interruptions. If it is likely that people are going to knock on your door and want to have a chat, your project of finishing in an hour is dead in the water. Likewise with such things as the telephone and television. Put yourself in the position where you are not going to be interrupted.

The assumption we have in this task is that you have chosen the right topic. It makes so much common sense if you choose a topic in which you have an interest or better still a passion. If you also have prior knowledge or a background in this topic that too will be to your advantage.

But what makes a good thesis for a research paper?

  • The subject is deep and meaningful.
  • An argument can be easily prosecuted.
  • The fewer words the better.

Strangely enough a good thesis is much easier to write when the subject is deep and meaningful. This may seem contradictory at first glance. You take a flimsy subject and in a few minutes you can write thesis statement. But remember that the quality of your research paper depends almost entirely on the quality of your thesis. The deeper and more meaningful your thesis is, the better your research paper will be. And on top of that, you will find it easier and quicker to write the actual research paper when you have taken the time to create a really good thesis.

Now you need to be able to prosecute the case you make in your research paper. You will have done your research on the resources available for the topic you have chosen. Now you need to encapsulate in as few words as possible exactly what you plan to prove or argue for in your research paper. Does your argument pass muster? If it does then a good thesis will in a nutshell explain the situation. The stronger your argument or point of view in your research paper, the easier it is to create a good thesis for that argument.

So many students make the mistake of overwriting their thesis. It doesn't matter how good their thesis might be, if it is overwritten you lose points. The best good thesis writing always uses as few words as possible. The key here is to complete in an hour a simple but strong thesis. You do this via overwriting in the first place. You simply express every thought and idea you have for your thesis forgetting the fact that you are overwriting. Then you go back over your work and cut, cut and cut. In fact you can spend most of the hour in the creation of your good thesis in doing the précis work.