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How To Write an English Research Paper: An Expert's Advice

If you are writing an English research paper you should integrate these tips:

  1. Be honest. Do not worry about hurting the feelings of a famous author who is long dead by not complimenting them over and over before you reference their work. Be brutally honest about your thoughts. If you are writing an English research paper that talks about Chaucer it won’t do you any good to try and be polite the entire time. Tell the reader what you really think about a particular passage or piece of work and tell them up front. Don’t waste precious space by trying to be nice to an author who is dead. And on that note there is no need to try and copy the writing or style of an author you are discussing. Stick to your writing style and stay true to it. Do not try and be just like Hemingway when you are writing about Hemingway. Be different.
  2. Do not recycle material that already exists. While it is true that the reflections and analyses you have on a particular topic are not likely an original thought never before thought by anyone it is still important that you use your words. You do not want to view a Wikipedia page and then reword all of the criticisms that you find on a particular author. Use your personal insights and background to offer unique criticism that isn’t already published. A line by line rewrite of an already published research paper will get you in a lot of trouble with your teacher as well as your academic institution. Many academic institutions have a strict plagiarism policy and violation of that can get you thrown out of the school.
  3. Keep writing. If you find yourself facing writer’s block because you cannot think of the right word or turn of phrase then leave a dash mark or a line so that you return to it later but are still able to get the rest of your thoughts out on paper before they fly away.
  4. Proofread your work.No matter how brilliant you are no first draft will be perfect. Do not trick yourself into believing that the authors about whom you are writing in your English research paper were able to get all of their world famous thoughts out perfectly the first time. And if they can’t neither can you. Proofreading is a great tool so use it. Take some time to distance yourself after completing a draft and then return to it with a fresh perspective.