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Getting Handle On How To Write A Technical White Paper

What is a White Paper?

This term clearly refers to an official Government report. It indicates that the document is informative and authoritative in nature. This genre is usually used by writers when they argue on a specific position or have a solution to propose related to that problem. This has now become an important marketing tool.

The purpose of this paper is to advocate so that a certain position is the best approach or a certain solution or recommendation is best for a particular problem.

Read other technical white papers before you start writing. Read those ones that are quite good and that you can determine by seeing how many times that work has been cited.

Following are a few guidelines.

  • Don’t beat about the bush, be straight to the point. Don’t add unnecessary information.
  • Consistently use acronyms
  • Make use of every opportunity that you get to mention the weakness of the methods previously used. This reflects positively on you and it shows that you have made an effort to review other methods used as well.
  • Make sure to be highly specific in your technical paper. State how your method works, how you conduct the experiment, your findings and then conclude your paper in a 60 word conclusion.
  • Emphasize on things that are new as compared to the others. The distinction should be made clear.

White paper begins with a big picture and later takes the reader to the proposed solution. Here is how this paper is organized:


Summaries at the beginning of the paper about your topic, so the readers can quickly understand the point you are making.


A white paper provides the readers with the general information about the issue under concern, so that it can help in the decision making. Their understanding of facts needs to be clear. Enough evidence should be shown that makes the source reliable. To not deviate from the topic and also do not go for a problem for which you have no solution


Once the background and problem is explained, then explain your solution.


Like all the usual conclusions this too is a wrap up and also further continues to emphasize on the point that was previously made.

Works cited

Mention these at the end of the paper. Do not forget to mention any information that you took. All of the work needs to be mentioned.