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Sociological Determinants Of Consumer’s Purchasing An Iphone 6


The theoretical positions of the literature research revealed several factors are important in understanding the consumer buying habits and marketing to these consumers. The first and perhaps the most significant theoretical position is that the iPhone 6 make life easier. The product provides customers with the latest technologies with allows them to utilize the phone for personal and professional usages. It is also a status symbol with allows individuals to feel that they too are associated with success and what is ‘cool’. Marketing to such a vast idea is difficult; however, brand image has played a significant role in Apple Inc.’s success.

Another theoretical position is based strongly on the social cognitive theory. The idea associated with the social cognitive theory is vast; however it does pave the means for a better understanding of the true product reach. Owning and iPhone 6 allows some level of the consumers to see themselves in an elevated manner. They are socially adequate in comparison with their peers, and this is vital to the marketing efforts.

The theoretical framework created in this paper is not limited to just the iPhone 6, but the capabilities of this product. The marketing development continually integrates the theory of new values such as presented by Apple Inc. with their iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 provides the services, such as LTE internet and the ability to facilitate the consumer’s media behaviour. The marketing for the iPhone 6 can reach the consumer not only with the status, but also with the desired user features.

The theoretical framework also showed that there are two general types of consumers. In this framework, it is important to understand that brand loyalty is important, which Apple Inc. uses in their iPhone appeals. They provide the same product their consumer loved, and adds new features and enhancements that create a new appeal. The second consideration is that it fulfils a social role that includes both status and technology.

The sociological consideration that was found in the literature review is heavily contingent upon the social status quo. The significant sales and product desire would not be nearly as high as it is without a successful marketing campaign. Utilizing the ability to set their product, the iPhone 6, from all product on the market only enhances the desire for the product. It is also extremely important to consider that an individual is largely influenced by their peers and the society that they belong. Individuals strive to fit into their groups social and professional, so much so that they don’t always follow their desires. Building off of this theoretical framework, it allows for Apple to target a vast market.

The final theoretical consideration is based upon functionality and symbolism. The desire to have virtually every aspect of communication at your fingertips is appealing to most. The symbolism that is associated with the iPhone 6 is based on status and market position. It signifies as well as justifies the consumer appeal towards the product. The greater the push of a sociological need, the higher the priority it becomes for the consumer. Social networks also build the brand image and supports the need to have this product. All of these considerations are vital in promoting a successful marketing campaign while successfully capitalizing on the consumer buyer behaviour.