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Tips And Tricks For Beginners: Ethics Research Paper Topics

If you are writing an ethics paper but do not know where to find a thesis topic consider these examples:

  • Should our conscious determines what actions are morally wrong and right
  • What are the differences between non-moral and moral issues?
  • Should reason alone determine what actions are morally wrong or right?
  • Do we need to act morally in order to be happy?
  • Should people act morally because of a divine will
  • Are there universally accepted moral principles right for every person around the world?
  • Is pleasure intrinsic?

Review the examples above and see what comes to mind. Maybe you like one of the examples enough to craft a thesis out of it. But maybe you use the examples above to think of a thesis on your own that stemmed from something in the text. In any case your job is to come up with a great thesis statement now and you have the tools you need.

Once you have your thesis statement crafted and approved by your advisor it is time to research. Research is imperative for building the foundation on which your paper is written and for offering the reader insight into why your claims are valid. Make sure that as you research you only use academically viable resources. Cite all of them as you find them on a separate bibliographic page. This will save you a great deal of time later when you set out to write your final draft. Make sure that as you take notes and write down quotes you want to integrate into your paper that you cite the page number and the bibliographic information. This will make it much easier for you to create in-text citations when you are writing.

It is helpful to write down these notes on individual note cards rather than an entire page of random bits from different authors. This will help you to lay out your outline.

For the outline start with the thesis statement. Write it on one card. Then place a card below for your introduction on which you write your introduction or at least the summary of it. If you are required to include an abstract then of course insert this where appropriate. Then for the body you want to address main points and place the corresponding note cards for your evidence. This will make organization easier because if you find that certain main points need to be switched you can literally move them with your hand.