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Where Can I Find Good Examples Of a Research Paper Written in MLA Format?

When researching and writing a paper that is to be submitted in an MLA format, it is advisable to follow the guidance that your teacher has given you. However, if you have been left to your devices, you may wish to look at some examples to use a guide for your paper. Below are a few sources for you to look at when looking for examples of a research paper written in the MLA format.

University Websites

Your first port of call may be to visit the website of your university to view any examples.

  • If your particular university does not have any examples, look to other university websites that can give examples.

Websites That Cover Your Topic

  • There are a number of websites that give advice depending on your topic, so a student working on a research paper relating to psychology should look at corresponding websites.

Google Images

As strange as it may seem, you will find a number of examples when typing your search into Google Images.

  • Search for examples within your topic, for example, typing “MLA psychology example paper” will bring up a number of scanned documents showing examples.
  • If you are desired example does not show right away, try entering different keywords in different a different order to bring up a selection of results.

Visit Your Local Library

Everyone knows that a library can be a fountain of knowledge, but it can be easy to dismiss the existence due to the Internet.

  • Students will find that not only are they able to find resources, but there will be staff nearby who can help them further.
  • Most libraries will have a computer system that will allow you to search for particular works relating to your topic, making finding the books a breeze.

Visit Forums That Relate To Your Topic

Of course you may not always be able to locate the exact example you are looking for. Thanks to the Internet, a number of forums are used every day in relation to a number of topics.

  • Students can use Google to search for forums that are relevant to the topic that the paper relates to, for example searching “psychology forums” should bring up the forums the student can visit.
  • If students do not happen to find anything via Google, there are also a number of forum search tools online that will list only forums that are related to their particular keywords.