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Interesting guidelines on how to make an outline for research paper

It doesn't matter how good you are at choosing a topic for a research paper, or carrying out research and taking notes on that research material or in actually writing the prose for your research paper. Unless you are good at creating a plan or outline, your finished product will not be as good as it could be. In short, always make an outline for your research paper. Here are some interesting guidelines to help you do just that.

  • Hand written outlines can be better than a digital version.
  • Use as much as you like to start with but have a finished product which is compact.
  • Always be prepared to make changes.
  • Use headings or highlight parts of your outline.

So many students today are used to computers and tablets so much so that the work they do is so often done in a digital format. Do not neglect the old-fashioned tools of pen and paper. The whole point about making an outline is that so often it will be changed. And having the ability to simply cross out something or writing something new, actually doing something physical can be helpful in creating a terrific outline.

Don't be frightened to write too much as far as your outline is concerned. Don't be frightened to add too much information at least in the early stages. Once you reckon you've got as much information listed as you will have in your outline, then you can do a mini or compact version of it. The point being that if you can put your outline onto a single piece of paper that is easy to read, easy to see an overview and easy to carry with you if you're working in different places, you’re winning.

The whole point of creating an outline is that it involves give-and-take. You write something which you think is relevant and important and then as your research continues you discover that it is not so important and so therefore you discard it. Do not be afraid to make changes to your outline.

To make it easier to see at a glance just what is involved in your research paper, make an outline which has highlighted words or headings in bold or a structure which makes it easy to follow and read.

Your outline is a blueprint. The better the plan, the easier it is to create a brilliant research papepr.