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Brainstorming interesting topics for science research papers

There are several different branches of science that you may have to write your research paper on. You will have to make sure that your research paper is on a relevant topic that relates to the specific class that you are taking. For example, if it is an Astronomy class, you will want to discuss topics that relate to the universe or to celestial objects.

Here are some great topics in various science classes that you can use to do your research project on.


  1. Aurora Borelis: This would relate to the northern lights
  2. Asteroids: Differences between planets and asteroids
  3. Exoplanets: The planets that are in orbit outside of our solar system
  4. Solar System: Compare the various planets
  5. Star: Explain the life cycle of a star
  6. Moon: Origins of the moon
  7. Hubble Space telescope: Describe the largest telescope


  1. Effects of alcohol: The short and long term effects of alcohol
  2. Genes: Genetic engineering
  3. Life span: Discuss the life span of different genders or nationalities
  4. Mitochondria: Explain the parts of the mitochondria


  1. Acid Rain: Discuss the effects of Acid Rain
  2. Clouds: Different types of clouds
  3. Global Warming: How can we combat Global Warming
  4. Water Pollution: How it will affect human life


  1. Charles Darwin: Science of nature
  2. Evolution versus creation: Explain the altering views
  3. Natural selection: Explain the concept
  4. Origins of man: Discuss the beginning of mankind

Human Anatomy

  1. Bacteria: How it forms and how it evolves
  2. Vital organs: Explain the functions of vital organs
  3. Human Osteology: Study of human bones


  1. Marine Ecosystem: How it defends itself against herbivore attackers
  2. Coral Reef: Examine the physical characteristics
  3. Marine Mammal Protection Act: Discuss the passing of this act in 1972


  1. Albert Einstein: Discuss the bibliography
  2. Nuclear Energy: What are the advantages and disadvantages
  3. Nuclear waste: Safety issues and the by products

These are a few of the topics that you can use for your science research paper. Do some preliminary research so that you have an idea of what research question you want to write about. Also, make sure that you keep a record of all of your resources for your reference page. And lastly, make sure you proofread and edit your paper before handing it in.