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High school research paper: Learning basic formats

The general format of a research paper follows the order of Abstract, Introduction, aims and objectives, thesis statement, literature review, research methodology, findings and analysis, discussion, conclusion, recommendations and implications. This is followed by reference and appendix in the end of the research paper. While each section has its own purpose, there is a need to develop a continuous flow of information between each section by means of relating to different common aspects of the details discussed in each section. Also important is the need to develop a research paper that is coherent and meets the sole purpose of finding solutions and results on the thesis problem/ statement. Therefore any deviations from the research problem must be avoided.

The general format of a research paper is to be ordered on the basis of a research outline to earmark all the salient points for the research which are to be dealt with in detail in order to facilitate proper research on the research problem.

  1. Abstract must provide information based on the summary of research done.
  2. The introduction must introduce the research problem and give a brief view on all the chapters discussed in the continuing research format. It must also contain a thesis statement along with aims and objectives of the research problem.
  3. Literature review must quote all the relevant resources available in literature regarding the research problem which form part of the secondary data collection of research.
  4. The research methodology must define your approach towards undertaking the research process and must list your method of data collection and analysis.
  5. Findings and analysis must express the results of the primary data collection and these are then analyzed based on the research interpretations to arrive at solutions on the research problem.
  6. Discussion must reflect the results obtained with arguments and views in favor or against the thesis statement as per the findings and must be supported by the evidence of research techniques used to solve the thesis problem. It must carefully study the claims and counter claims relating to the study.
  7. Conclusion must include a restatement of the research problem in the light of the results obtained on the thesis statement and research methods and reaffirm the solution for the research problem. It must also be supported with necessary recommendations to solve the research problem and narrate its future implications of study. In the end of the research paper, the references for research must be listed and finally the appendix used in research must be attached for reference.