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A list of 15 new biology term paper topics

As always the choice of topic for your term paper in biology is a super important thing. Get the topic right and your chances of writing well and successfully significantly improve. Of course choosing the right topic is only half the battle. From there you need to create a plan outlining the points you wish to make in your term paper and ensure a gradual introduction and summary are the perfect top and tail to your writing. But as regards the topic, here are 15 term paper topics which you can consider for your work.

One advantage you will gain is if you choose a term paper biology topic which is new or one which is relatively unknown. An alternative to this is to choose a well-known topic but to write about it in an unknown or unusual way. Here are some possible biology term paper topics.

  1. Because of the greater number of elderly citizens in society, Alzheimer's disease is now more prevalent and takes up a significant part of the national health budget.
  2. Binge drinking of alcohol causes serious damage to the human body.
  3. Cannabis for medicinal purposes should be made legal.
  4. Diabetes is already approaching epidemic proportions.
  5. Human cloning and how it can change organ transplants.
  6. Depression impacts the families as much as those who suffer from this condition.
  7. The Ebola virus is an enormous threat to the well-being of the world.
  8. Obesity ranks as one of the world’s greatest challenges.
  9. The health of the planet can be judged by the extinction rate of species.
  10. The impact of steroids in the future is unknown.
  11. Alternative medicine will soon be working closely with traditional medicine.
  12. The protection of our natural environment is vital for the health of humankind.
  13. Space travel offers major challenges to biologists.
  14. The study of cells is leading towards a cure for most cancers.
  15. Biologists are but one of the beneficiaries from the development of DNA testing.

Remember that a term paper needs to show evidence of research and this can easily be demonstrated by choosing a topic which is rich in material. By opting for a new biology research paper topic, you give yourself an excellent chance of finding something with lots of contemporary data and a topic which is new to your teacher, the person who will grade your biology term paper.