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Writing A Chicago Style Research Paper: The Complete Manual

When you are going to write a research paper you will have to stick to certain guidelines. Over the years quite a few styles and formats have cropped up and it is best you write according to one specific format. This way it gets much easier for you to arrange your points and the reader knows which section deals with what. The Chicago style is quite popular and you can easily base your paper according to this format. Here are a few quick tips to help you master this format.

Advantages of using this format

It is probably most comprehensive format out there and this means you will be able to complete the paper that much faster. Like writing any other paper you will have to select a topic first and once you have picked the topic you will have to find out all about it. Once you have collected all the information and decided on the experiments you will have to begin the planning. The right planning will involve deciding the format and this is where the below tips will come of use.

Helpful tips on writing a Chicago style research paper:

  • You will have to decide on a front. It is advisable to use a general typeface that is easy on the eye and simple to read. The Times New Roman is the most popular choice. The size should not be too small. 12 pt is standard.
  • The first thing you will write is the title page. It will have the title you are working on. Make it larger than average and place it at the centre of the third line. You can write your name and class at the bottom several lines after you have written the title.
  • There are a few different types of headlines that you can use. The most common will be the bold faced headlines written with a center alignment.
  • You will have to include footnotes in the traditional style so that the reader can know where you have gotten your information. You will have to cite every resource at the bottom of the page with a number marked for reference.
  • When you are going to include a table, it is best done at the end of the paragraph or a few lines detailing the contents of the table. Give a number to the table and a title summery on the left side.