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Write My Research Paper – 5 Suggestions For Struggling Students

Writing a research paper can be a bit scary especially if you have not written one before, so hopefully these suggestions may help you.

Look at other research papers. This is well worth the time.

  • Ask your tutor or professor if they have some examples that you can read.
  • Go to you school or college library and ask if they have access to some suitable examples.
  • Have a look online. There are several websites that provide you with free examples. Make sure that you use an academic search engine to find them.

Check out the Learning Support Department.

  • This department is usually very busy especially around exam time. You need to make an appointment with a learning support tutor as soon as you can.
  • You will usually have a 1-1 session with the Learning Support tutor, they can help you with planning your paper and make suggestions how you may tackle some of the work. They will also make suggestions as how you can best plan your time.
  • They also make a few suggestions as to how you can develop some strategies to help you with future work.


  • There are several academic web sites that have ‘how to videos’, that may be useful. There is usually a tutor or professor who will talk you through the writing process. This is helpful as you can watch the video as many times as you want.
  • Remember that the online videos should enhance your learning and do not take the place of turning up for lessons.
  • You may also find some of the web sites that produce not only examples of research papers but annotated ones. This can be really helpful as you can see the mistakes that other people have made and how they could be avoided.


  • Ideally you should be able to have access to you tutor/professor, to talk about your work.
  • You may find that asking for advice from your tutor and help from a Learning Support Tutor may work the best for you.
  • They may be happy for you to submit your work early and do some preliminary marking and make suggestions for improvements.

Writing Services.

  • If all else fails than you may have to use a writing service. They can provide you with advice, proofreading, editing or they could just write the whole paper for you.
  • Choose your writing service carefully, make sure that they have been recommended by other customers and that they let you see examples of the sort of work they produce.
  • This service will cost you, so make sure that you have value for your money.