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How To Use Quotes In A Research Paper – Simple Instructions

Writing a research paper is one of the most challenging tasks that students have to go through. The main reason for this is because of the fact that in most cases, the students have to sit through this under a lot of pressure and duress. This is one of the reasons why it is a challenge. When it happens, you will find it rather difficult to get anything from this task, and if you are not careful you might even keep struggling for a very long time but still fail to make ends meet.

It is these challenges that we want to address and help you put an end to. By the time you are working on your paper, you are supposed to be in a good position to ensure that you know what to do, and that you do it well for that matter. One of the common areas where students fail to score is the use of quotes in their papers. Quotes are an important part of your work, particularly when you are trying to make sure that you highlight the information that you have borrowed from someone else.

In order to help you get this right, we will show you some instances where you have to use quotations in order to make your paper stand out. Start with these simple ideas:

  • Borrowed information
  • Conversations
  • Informal context

Borrowed information

In the event that you want to include something in your paper but it is information that you have lifted from someone else or the work of a different author, you can enclose the excerpt that you will have borrowed in quotes, so that whoever is reading it can be able to see through it and understand why the information has been set in quotes. Do not forget to include the appropriate references to go with it.


When you are writing and you have a conversation that you need to portray, this should be put within quotes too. Conversations to be precise, are put in this manner because they affect or change the context of the tense that you are using for your work.

Informal context

Anything that is written in an informal manner must be put in quotes. If you want to use a slang version of a term, or a native word, you should put it within quotes.