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Medicine has always been one of the most debatable fields in science. Since times immemorial, people have argued upon the moral and ethical implications of the field, be they concerning treatment options or latest medical inventions. Thus, when writing a paper concerning the medical science field, you have a vast variety of topics to explore and write on.

However, most medicine majors are fascinated with the possibility of taking up controversial topics that might spark debate among the readers. There are no problems in taking up such topics, but one should always take care that, as far as possible, they should not hurt the sentiments of a community, religion or race, for this not only be detrimental to your paper but also your reputation.

Topics about LGBT:

  • Topics about LGBT community can be considered controversial because of the low rate of acceptance of the community members in different parts of the world. Unreasonable bias has made it difficult for members of the community to get medical health treatments in various countries, which will be an interesting topic to explore.

The moral and ethical implications of Organ donations and transplantations:

  • Organ transplant literally means that we replace a damaged organ in the body of a patient with a healthy one from the body of a donor.
  • Not only has organ transplant been debated upon for years, but there have been many physicians who have opposed many aspects related to it, for example, setting up entire bodies for donations after death.


  • An autopsy is an official exam conducted on a dead body immediately after death, primarily to find out the cause of it.
  • Since recent years, the number of autopsies around the world, especially in the United States has been decreasing on grounds of family members not wanting to desecrate the bodies of their loved ones.
  • However, autopsies are regarded as important by doctors all over the world, since they might help in discovering various causes of deaths and how to cure them.


  • The topic of Euthanasia is a sensitive one, since voluntary termination of a life has been a heated topic for years.
  • The main question that remains here is this: is ending a life that has no scope of any improvement not beneficial for those who are fighting for survival but are not able to gain access to resources that are otherwise engaged?
  • Not only this, there are many other debates that have driven doctors over the years, which makes euthanasia an interesting topic.