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A List of Inspiring Topic Ideas for Research Papers

When you get an assignment sheet with the research paper logistics but no appointed topic, you should keep in mind that the freedom to choose your own assumes carefulness and scrupulousness. In order to feel enthusiastic when writing your research paper, try exploring something you are passionate about.

The following list of topics shows how to combine you interest in TV shows and different fields of science in one research paper topic:

  1. The authenticity of costumes in historic TV series (a case study of “North and South”).
  2. Explore the costumes of the historic period in question; compare them with the costumes in the show; define the degree of authenticity.

  3. The credibility of diagnoses and treatment modes in American medical dramas (as exemplified in “House MD” and “ER”).
  4. Choose two similar cases in both shows, explore the symptoms and treatment in specialized publications, and find any inaccuracies and mistakes if possible.

  5. Factors that contribute to the interest in the Middle Ages of modern filmmakers (drawing on the example of “The Game of Thrones”).
  6. Study the reasons that make viewers so thrilled by the period of time that lasted from the 5th to 15th century.

  7. Modern interpretations of literary classics (illustrated by “Sherlock”).
  8. Explore novelties introduced in the classics by the producers; state whether they are advantageous or disadvantageous.

  9. The implementation of manipulation techniques in modern TV shows (a case study of “Leverage”).
  10. Study what aspects of neuro-linguistic programming can be traced in the episodes of this series.

  11. Allusions to literary works in adventure television series (as in the case of “Lost”).
  12. Dwell on a variety of references to the classics that can be observed in the TV show.

  13. Behavioral models imposed on teenagers by popular TV dramas (illustrated by “Gossip Girl”).
  14. State whether the modes of behavior presented in the TV drama are positive or negative.

  15. Models of male sexuality (“Vampire’s Diaries” vs “Sherlock”).
  16. Start by defining the phenomena, pinpoint its manifestations in TV shows, then contrast and compare them.

  17. Different types of language games in the dialogues of TV show characters (as exemplified in “Friends”).
  18. Dwell on the puns, of any variety, that can be found in the lines of the characters.

  19. An erroneous interpretation of gender roles in American detective series (a case study of “Moonlighting”).
  20. Define and describe the phenomenon under analysis; find and investigate examples of violations on social and behavioral norms in the show.