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10 compelling topic ideas for a research paper


How to decide on a good topic for a research paper?

 A student should take their time deciding on a topic for their research paper.

  It is advisable to think about potential ideas for the paper’s topic.

 The student should not be afraid to brainstorm on ideas for the research paper topic.

 Once the student thinks about the ideas for the topic, he or she should make a list of the five favorite topics.

 The student should consider asking family, friends, and colleagues to rank the topic list from one to five.

The topic that is chosen as number one the most is the topic that should be considered for the research paper.

What are good resources for one to use to discover a good topic for a research paper?

  The best place to get a good topic is current news, current trends, and latest events.

  Also, the course text book is a good tool to discover a topic for a research paper.

  The teacher or professor can be good source to get feedback on a topic.

  News articles, periodicals, and magazines are good places to get topic ideas.

  The internet is a good tool for topic ideas.

  The topic chosen for the research paper must be one that is intriguing, interesting, and desired by the student to write about.

Here are ten compelling topics that can be written about in a research paper:

  •  The Ebola scandal is a good topic for a research paper.
  •  How children are obsessed with outer looks and not inner beauty?
  •   How celebrities are more idolized than regular individuals like teachers, police officers, and fire men?
  •  Should the USA have ended the Iraqi war right now and no longer have military presence there?
  •  How does sexual abuse affect a child when they grow up, do they become sex offenders themselves?
  •  How has the social media shaped individuals beliefs on everyday life?
  •  What is the significance of celebrities like Kim K. and Beyoncé to modern society?
  •  What are the side effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans?
  •  Can Post-traumatic stress disorder be passed down from one generation to the next generation?
  •   One can write about a traumatic experience in one’s personal life that changed the course of their life.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a research paper topic:

  Ensure that the topic is easy to research and write on.

 Do not be afraid to choose a topic that is near and dear to one’s heart.

  The topic may have to meet the approval of one’s teacher or professor.