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How To Write A Research Paper In Mla Format: Academic Study Tutorial

If you are writing a research paper in MLA format you might need an academic study tutorial on how to properly reference or cite your sources. MLA is a popular reference guide for most English papers and is a way to support your evidence and categorize it easily.

An MLA paper starts with the basic information including your name and the academic institution on the upper left hand size with the title of your paper centered below it. You do not insert a separate title page unless your teacher requests it.

You first page should look exactly like this:

Gordon B. Student

Professor Smith

English 344

13 May 2013

Your Title Goes Here

Your Title Goes Here

After the title you to start with your introduction. The length of this is contingent upon the overall length of your paper. If you are writing a five page paper than your introduction should be one paragraph roughly one half to three quarters of the page. If you are writing a twenty page paper then the introduction should be a few pages in length.

Your entire paper should use standard Times New Roman font and it should all be size 12 unless otherwise indicated by your professor. Make sure that everything is double spaced and that each new paragraph in indented one space. Every quote you insert or piece of data you have needs to be cited. You need to use the MLA style guide to properly cite your sources. The citation style differs based on what type of source it is and how many authors there are. Thankfully you can find many online sources that provide information on this. Generally speaking citations in-text will have the author’s last name and the page number of the book or article where the quote was taken.

If you are inserting a quote into your paper that is more than four lines in length you should indent it one inch from your margins and remove any quotation marks. Bear in mind that you should not have a long quote in a short research paper. These quotes are often reserved for papers that are longer than 8-10 pages. And there should certainly not be too many of them. Remember that as with any quote you insert into the writing you will need to include a proper MLA citation in text and include the source at the end in the bibliography.