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Where to Get a Free Research Paper in MLA Format

Today’s students have access to a multiplicity of some of the best, most reliable educational resources online. One of the best things that the web provides us today is a plethora of examples of different types of research papers online that we can use as written structural models for more challenging formats for papers, such as MLA style research papers.

MLA is merely a form of documentation that privileges page numbers and authors in parenthetical citations in the body of your paper. It does take note of dates, but these are not the MLA’s primary concern. Unlike APA which is for science and science related subjects, MLA papers are typically not as time sensitive as experiments and scientific discoveries. The recency of the information in an MLA papers is not as important. Consequently, at the end of quotes, references to information from sources, or block quotes, MLA asks only for the name of the author of the reference you are citing and the page number the information came from.

MLA essays are frequently written for subjects such as art, art history, English composition, literary analysis, music and music theory courses, and other humanities based courses. Therefore, you may be referring to a painting done by an artist in 1909, but the painting is still relevant today, of course—and therefore you don’t include the date in your in text parentheticals, merely author and page.

It helps to actually use a model research paper and helpful handouts that show you, with arrows pointing to different elements of a typical MLA style research paper, exactly how these types of essays are laid out, structured, how their citations appear on the page, as well is how quotes are introduced, how block quotes are handled, and where the period goes after in-sentences or block quotes (they differ in placement for each).

Finding sample papers is so easy now, via Google, Google Scholar, YouTube or other more reliable scholar-friendly search engines, that you cannot only find a sample MLA paper online, you can probably find a sample MLA essay on your specific topic. One great trick I’ve learned when looking at sample research papers online is to peruse the author of the essay’s work cited list for finding new and reliable resources. Typically, if a teacher or website has chosen to feature a student or other scholar’s work online, it is because of its superior research skills, sources, and writing. Sample research papers are an essential step in learning how to master their structure, tone, layout, and documentation methods.

You can also go to the library and review scholarly journals within the discipline that you are writing about. However, frequently when these essays are collected in the book, they do not follow the exact format you will be asked to in your research paper. Good MLA papers written by someone at your educational level would be the best to learn from. Search for “best example of an MLA paper on art” or “correct citations research paper sample in MLA.”