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Where To Find An Example Of A Questionnaire For A Research Paper

During high school or college, it is possible that your teacher will require you to write a research paper based off of results of a questionnaire. Here, you will need to create a survey, have people fill out the survey, report your findings, and then analyze what they mean. If you do not know how to get started, then looking up examples of research paper questionnaires may help.

Educational Websites

Educational websites are a great place to search for questionnaires. They are credible and can provide results that may actually be related to an area of study you can write about. Additionally, educational sites sometimes provide guidelines that will help as you compose your essay.

School Libraries

School libraries are another great place to look, both at physical locations and online. Like educational websites, they provide credible sources. They may also have information that will help you write your research paper.

Online Searches

Another place to seek questionnaires is through an online search. Online searches will provide you with numerous results after you type in your query. However, you must exercise caution because not every source that you find online will be credible.

Tips for Writing Your Own Questions

Even after exhausting all of your resources, you still may not be able to find the exact questions that you need. For this reason, you may want to follow these tips as you write your own question.

  • Know the goal of your survey- If you do not know what you are hoping to find out, then you cannot know what exactly what questions to ask.
  • Ask objective questions- It can be very tempting to ask questions that will yield the results you want. However, you must remain objective to write a good academic research paper.
  • Remember demographics- As a general rule, you should ask demographical questions such as age, gender, and others. If you do choose to do this, then do not let it cloud your objectivity as you view results.
  • Pre-test your questions- Before presenting your questionnaire to the group whose opinions you will base your essay off of, present the questionnaire to a test group. The people you choose for this should be in a similar category as the group you will test for your paper. This will give you an idea of whether or not you have asked the right questions.