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How To Choose An Outline Format For A Geography Research Paper

Every time you have to write a paper for any class, it is important to make sure that you create an outline first to make sure that you have decided on how you will present the information. When you are writing a research paper for your geography class, it is a good idea to decide which online formatting style will be the best for your research paper.

A research paper is designed to take a closer look on a topic that you are studying. So when you are preparing to write your research paper on a geography topic, it will be so important to make sure that you create the proper outline format to make sure that you can complete it successfully.

Choosing what type of outline to use is easier than you would think. Here is the main aspects of an effective outline.

  • You will have at least five but possibly seven main topics depending on how many examples you will include. You can denote these with capital roman numerals. The main topics will be the introduction, body paragraphs for each example or reasoning, and a conclusion.
  • You should write them in complete sentences so that you can use them as topic sentences later on. It is also easier because later on in the writing process, you will already have some of the paper written.
  • Use capital letters beneath each main topic as the subtopics you will discuss. It is a good rule of thumb to include two reasons why you believe each topic in your body paragraphs. You will also have to include the reasons why that reason proves your main point.
  • You can also break this topic down even further to make a more detailed outline. This is up to you. Just remember the more work that you do in your outline, the easier it is to write the paper later. Plus you will have a lot of the sentences already done for later in the writing process.
  • You can even add transitional phrases in your outline to help you make sure that you link the main ideas to each other and save on the writing process later.

Your outline will be a very helpful resource and now that your know which format to choose you can make the most out of it.