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A List Of Interesting Topics For Your Spanish Literature Term Paper

Spanish Literature is almost equally blessed with crests and troughs as English Literature. It has seen various periods through which the literary styles flowed and ebbed; throwing gems and average fare at random.

Different periods

From Medieval Period to Realism; from renaissance to Romanticism; from Cervantes to Jimenez; there is a richness of history to be placed in term papers. The language itself is so complex yet so fascinating that many intellectuals learn the language just to take a peek at the literary pieces of the past centuries.

Trend of the times

While writing Spanish Literature term papers, you should take stock of the fact that you need to indulge into the trends of the times which threw the relevant work. Every period has had its eclectic style with some exceptions. The writings sequentially changed gears; from prosaic to flowing and from poetic to hindered.

Relevance with the present day

You also have to take into account the eminent vision of the masters of this language. Many works of the 18th century still rings true in today’s times. Many ideas still continue to inspire today’s writers. This is all a tribute to the Spanish literature and its famous proponents.

Exposing layers and shades

Through your term paper, you will have to expose the shades and layers of the work and place it in proper categories so that its actual essence comes out and enlightens the readers. You should also deal with the constructive criticism of some of these works and assess what went wrong in the conveying of the message.

10 interesting topics

While a few works were notably stilted by the parochialism of those times; most cut out of the barrier and remain exalted. Let your term papers be a toast to them. Here are 10 interesting term paper topics on Spanish Literature –

  1. Analyze the works of lyric poets of Middle Ages
  2. Shed light on works of Calin and Jimenez in your term paper
  3. How the literary perspectives and styles were influenced by the Spanish Civil War
  4. Connote the contextual relevance of Don Quixote with current times
  5. Assess prominent works of three selected Realist writers
  6. Analyze the supernatural influence through the Spanish literary works of 17th-19th Century
  7. Write a subjective critique of Cien años de soledad
  8. Shed light on special literary pieces of Medieval Spanish period
  9. Take a perspective on Pedro del Corral's Crónica sarracina in your term paper
  10. How was Spanish literature shaped by social settings of early 20th Century