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Picking Unique Philosophy Research Paper Topics

If you need to work on your philosophy research paper you probably encountered already the most common problem: you can’t find an interesting, catchy topic that will impress your professors and not give you a headache. With a subject so permissible like philosophy, you have plenty of topics to write about. You just have to choose something that is suitable for you; in this way research and writing will be a true pleasure, and you will get better grades for your paper. Here are some unique topics to get you inspired:

  • Political philosophy- This is a great topic if you want to discuss a certain problem related to the government or the law of the state. Aristotle described people as “political animals” and you can discuss this idea. You can even make a comparison between the government of the ancient Greece and your country.
  • Hindu philosophy- A truly unique topic, with this you will truly impress even the most picky professor. Talk about the six views in Hindu philosophy and the Vedas, which are the holy books.
  • The philosophy of language- you can discuss any of the fundamental problems of language and the relationship between the development of modern society and language.
  • Metaphilosophy- this topic allows you to show your own perspective over the goals and
  • boundaries of philosophy. Try to discuss what ideas from philosophy influenced the modern way of thinking.
  • The philosophy of religion- even if you take the subject as whole or you chose a particular religion to focus on, it is very interesting to study the theory behind religion.
  • Philosophy of mind- If you also take a psychology course, this can be the occasion to show your research potential. Discuss the relationship mind-body and how one can affect the other.
  • Charity- apparently, simple acts of charity were the subject of study of many great philosophers. While some of them said it is natural for a person to feel mercy, others said that humans are selfish in nature. Discuss both views then express your opinion.
  • Western philosophy- this gives you the freedom to choose any aspect of Western civilization. Our suggestions are the Continental philosophy and Aesthetics.
  • Philosophy of Consciousness- maybe one of the most complex branches of philosophy, it will give you the chance to touch almost every aspect of society and human mind. Try to introduce your personal view in the paper, as this topic can be very personal.