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How To Write A Good Research Paper In A Week Only

There are so many probabilities that can leave you short of time to write a research paper. But the question is- what is the secret to writing a good research paper in a week? The secret is to use all the 7 days in an organized manner. Most students end up worrying for 6 days and are left with just 1 day to write the research paper from scratch. Do not do so.

7 Day Writing Schedule

Here’s a list of 7 tips how to start with your paper and finish with an excellent piece of write-up before the deadline. Use a word document to write your research paper as it detects the errors such as spellings, typos, grammar, punctuation etc. Correct them then and there and save some extra time:

  • Day 1: Study on the topic you are provided. If you are given more than one topic to choose the one you wish to research on, do a brief study on all the topics and then choose one.
  • Day 2: Learn the proper method of research so that you understand which books, sites etc. offer good quality information that will help support your research. You can ask your teacher or senior how to do proper research.
  • Day 3: Write down all the points that you consider valid for you research paper. Organize the points you have collected.
  • Day 4: Do further study and add more details to the points.
  • Day 5: Check the facts, dates, quotes etc., if you have mentioned. They should be relevant and true. Do not use common quotations. If you are unable to find unique quotations or quotations that support your research topic avoid using it.
  • Day 6: Read out your paper aloud to check your paper. After correcting your paper ask a friend or family member to check your paper. They will help you detect all the errors that might have missed your eyes.
  • Day 7: Revise the paper for a final time. Correct the errors that your friend or others pointed out. Ultimately, submit your paper.

Stay Focused

A step by step process helps to craft a very organized and polished research paper. Just focus on your research paper and spend at least 3-5 hours every day for 7 days on the research paper till it is complete.