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Twenty-Two Anthropology Research Paper Writing Ideas For High School

Here are some topics to help you come up with a topic for your anthropology research paper. You will need to develop a research question that you will work to prove once you have started doing some preliminary research on the topic. Then you will write a paper describing the answer to your research question and the reasons why.

  1. Structuralism and Functionalism
  2. Compare and contrast physical with cultural anthropology
  3. Historical development of cultural
  4. Marxism and the collectors
  5. Evolutionism
  6. Human evolution
  7. Religious beliefs in a society of your choice
  8. Types of economic systems
  9. Language and its influence on society
  10. Cultural shock
  11. Ethnocentrism
  12. Anthropologist’s field work
  13. Role of women in a society
  14. Difference in family beliefs
  15. Cultural history school and Boas
  16. Social behavior of primates
  17. The “grand diffusionists”
  18. Neo-evolutionism and Neo-Marxism
  19. Sociological school and Mauss
  20. Applied studies of contemporary cultural anthropology
  21. Theories of culture

Start reading everything that you can find on your topic until you come up with a focus and then develop your thesis statement or research question. The thesis statement will be the answer to your research question and what your paper will prove.

Your piece has to include cited and paraphrased material to back up your claims. It is better to paraphrase than it is to cite. You don’t want your paper to be a pasted mess of other sources. You want the majority of it to be in your own words. However, you should include some cited material if it is necessary to give your reader an exact phrase to make a point.

Don’t just cite a source and not tell your reader who said it by adding the in-text citations. Let your audience know who they are and what they do. When you add a quote and not tell who said it or where it came from, it is not as credible to your reader. The main point is to get your reader to understand your main point and what better way to do that than show that an expert in the field agrees with what you have said. Which sounds better to you?

  • The dog is purple with red polka dots, (Silly Man, 2015).
  • Professor Silly Man who is the director of the space program stated that he saw a dog that was purple with red polka dots on the moon, (Silly Man, 2015).

I am sure that both of these statements are not believable, but you would likely believe the second one over the first one!