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Choosing Outstanding Celtic Myths History Term Paper Topics

Celtic myths offer one of the richest histories in the entire world, particularly providing the origins of religion, society, and culture in Ireland. There are a number of fascinating associations and details that weave a colorful tapestry worth studying. Here are a some of the most outstanding term paper topics you will find:

  1. Understanding the role of female gods in Celtic mythology and daily life. How do females factor into the nation’s history by way of how they are represented in these early stories?
  2. Discussing creation myths and the role of humans to gods’ struggle. Do early Irish stories tell us anything about the way in which humans view themselves in comparison with the gods?
  3. Celtic Gods and Goddesses and their Role in the Christian religion. Experts agree that Christian faith comes from a combination of several early pagan religions, but how exactly do the gods of Ireland figure into the history of Christianity?
  4. History of the Druids and Divinites and today’s adaptation of the tradition. These mysterious groups have long been studied without much revelation into their daily life. How have modern forms of these religions helped shed some light on the mysteries?
  5. Celtic mythology compared with the other pagan religions of the world. How does the Irish pagan religion compare with others from around the world? Are there similar gods with similar stories that are relatively interchangeable?
  6. Irish history and its influence on the Arthurian legends of Britain. We know that Arthurian legends originated somewhere in Britain, but we don’t know with any certainty if they are adaptations of older stories. Is there a link with the early history of Ireland?
  7. Monsters and exile in Celtic mythology and its effects on society. How do these two major elements of these early stories affect the way society formed it’s systems and laws?
  8. A comparison of the gods of Ireland with those of Roman and Greek classical myths. How closely related are the three major classical religions of Europe? Is Ireland’s early religion the most distant in terms of similarities?
  9. The role of the family in Celtic mythology. How does the family factor in the early stories? Does it provide a glimpse as to why modern Irish culture exists today?
  10. Power and inheritance in early Irish history. Like in most other ancient religions we can learn a great deal from stories in which power and inheritance plays a major role in acts of love and hate. How is this apparent in the stories of Ireland?