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Tips For Choosing Art History Research Paper Topics

Art history provides a mass amount of topic ideas to consider. To help you find the right topic think about what you know and what you want to learn more about. You may not be interested in something you do not know much on, but it is an idea to be open about. Because writing research papers involve completing a number of steps, your topic selection should be something you take your time with. This will help you find a suitable topic and you are more likely to stay focused on completing the task.

Think about Your Interests and What You Want to Learn about

Art history provides a unique look into works of art that were created in the past. It also provides insight on how current artworks were inspired. When you think about your interests consider why you wanted to study this course in the first place. This can provide more insight on potential topics. Think about things you want to learn that you have yet to discover. You can consider subject matter you have a considerable amount of personal knowledge with that you are willing to research further. If there are common topics consider a new angle to present your findings.

Review Topic Ideas that Made an Impact on Others

Art history has made a tremendous impact on a large number of people. There are concepts that date back to several generations. What are cultural connections you want to learn more about? What are pieces of artwork or related events that played a role in how people live or see certain types of art? This concept itself may require some research to get some ideas. Take notes on your findings. You may come across potential sources you can refer to when you start your paper. Be open to new ideas and make the selection process interesting.

Think about Sources You Will Need to Write and How to Access Them

While selecting your potential topic think about sources you will need to write your paper. As you come across potential sources make a list of them. You can refer to this list when you are ready to research your topic. They may provide hints on a topic you can select. You may be required to use different sources besides the internet. The more sources you have the more likely you will find a topic you can write about.