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Tips For High School Students: A List Of Interesting Science Research Paper Topics

Writing a science research paper is not an overnight task. You need to think of a good are of interest, choose the right topic, carry out research, analyze the data, create an outline for your paper, develop a strong structure, and format your paper in a certain style preferred by your professor. All these things are important steps involved in writing a research paper.

You need to proceed stepwise and give time to each step if you want to write a good research paper. A good topic lays the foundation for the rest of your paper. If you have a good topic, you will be able to decide the length, purpose, and content of your paper.

You can look for good topics for your research paper in science on the internet or think of some good topics by looking at your notes. You may also form a good topic by brainstorming for fresh ideas. Below are a few topics for science research papers that will help you the right topic for your research.

Research paper topics for science students

  1. What are the best ways to control the air pollution in our environment? Can we control the growing air pollution in our society by reducing the use of plastic and paper?
  2. How important is it for an individual to have a personal doctor that pays him a regular visit on monthly, bi monthly or yearly basis? Is it the right way to stay healthy and active?
  3. Can people actually lose weight by observing the paleo diet? What is a paleo diet and did aboriginal people live by eating it only?
  4. What is the reason of increasing cases of autism in children across the world
  5. How many people know about the solar system and what it contains in real? Is it important to study the space and solar system
  6. Why are science fiction movies popular among teenagers? Do science fiction movies reveal less known facts about scientific inventions?
  7. Can sea-animals survive in the fresh water lakes?
  8. Why can amphibians survive both on land and in water? What is the largest amphibian alive?
  9. Why are dinosaurs extinct? Does theory of the survival of the fittest provide enough evidence for evolution through time
  10. Does the brain sleep when a human body is sleeping?