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How to write an English paper using previous knowledge

To write an English paper, your primary task is to select the topic. Without selecting an appropriate topic of your interest, you will not be able to write a well-formed English paper. You can use the knowledge you already have on the topic. To make your paper the best one, there is no harm in doing some research.

What Should a Good Paper Be Like?

A good paper should be-

  • Original: It should not present a copied work.
  • Demonstrative: It should provide extensive and relevant information to the reader while providing an understanding of the supporting themes. There should be a collection of data methodically presented with the evidences. The data and evidences collected should be appropriately interpreted, analyzed and evaluated. Along with current findings, there should be critical examination and though process leading to discussion of various issues that need to be crucially examined. An effective report needs to be summoned.
  • Accurate Representation: The academic principles in terms of structure, consistency, concise and correct expression needs to be accurately represented.

Basic Steps to Write an English Paper

Here’s a list of some basic steps for crafting an English paper from scratch:

  • Brainstorm for the ideas on the topic. It is good to select something of interest rather than a complex topic.
  • A free writing with concentration to the primary facts of the plot or based on the personal reactions provided with a interpretation to come up with the exact and precise statement for the topic, and most often the writing may carry on to the formation and interpretation of new ideas. It can be written on a character, which has a particular mental or physical flaw but the quest of the character ultimately turns out to make the character a hero. Or the paper can be written on a particular plot, on a symbolism, a theme or can be a comparative analysis between a modern short story and folklore.
  • An outline is a must for constructing the paper correctly.
  • The draft needs to be an interpretation rather than a summary. You should not digress from the specific topic
  • Revisions help polishing the paper, so do not ignore it

An English paper has the liberty to be interpreted in various ways from one’s personal understanding and knowledge, but it is also important to present arguments in support of the interpretations. Only then, your paper will be a good one.