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A List of Great Persuasive Research Paper Topics for College Students

A great persuasive research topic is one you are interested in exploring, and one that provokes a controversial response. Navigate the way between the emotional arguments of both sides to a truth that is based on actual facts and examples.

  • Should all research in the area of human cloning be banned?
  • Consider the possible medical benefits of using cloned organs. Are the dangers of cloning a whole human being, as well as its social and legal consequences, over- or underestimated? How does the portrayal of cloning in popular culture promote stereotypes that are scientifically incorrect? How strongly do these stereotypes influence public opinion on this issue?

  • Should the labeling of GMO foods be compulsory?
  • Explore the health concerns that customers have about GMOs. How grounded are these fears? How reliable is the scientific data that supports the adverse effects of GMO foods?

  • Should families be encouraged to have more children?
  • Many countries have policies that reward parents with money or other incentives for giving birth to another child. Explore the reasons behind the enforcement of such policies and their efficiency. Do you think they should be introduced in the area where you live? Why?

  • Should all passenger cars be banned from the centers of big cities?
  • Analyze the experience of cities that have banned or restricted the use of private cars in certain areas. Did it help solve environmental problems? Did it put too much pressure on public transport systems or caused protests of the citizens? Weigh the beneficial and adverse effects.

  • Should scientists focus on beating old age so that everyone can live longer and healthier?
  • With a recent surge in the popularity of Transhumanism, some researchers claim they can discover the means to eliminate ageing, curing it like any other disease. Do you think it is possible? Or, is the money spent on anti-ageing research simply wasted?

  • Should guns be allowed on college campuses?
  • The most recent cases of shootings occurred in places where people are not allowed to carry guns, such as public schools and cinemas. College campuses are another place where guns are prohibited. Does it make you concerned about your personal safety? Would you like to be allowed a gun to defend yourself?

  • Should the government spy on everyone on the Internet?
  • The scandal with Snowden revealed the degree of governmental control over the Internet. Is it a privacy concern? Should the public demand the FBI to stop spying? Or, is this degree of control necessary to keep peaceful citizens safe from terrorists?