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5 good research paper topics in Biology

Choosing one topic for research work can be difficult for students from the vast arena of Micro Biology and Macro Biology. Genetics, cancer, microbiology, tumours, antibiotics all topics are of significant research paper topics; but the key lies in the writing style where a broad subject is narrowed down with a thoughtful and precise way elaborating its minute facets. There are some of the topics that researchers generally pick to continue with their research writings. While you focus on it deeper the next subtopic emerges as a complete new topic and researches are conducted thereby.

Following are 5 topics that can prove to be good research topics.

Genetic Engineering: Also termed as “Genetic modification”, it is the base of Biology. As the term suggests, genes can be eliminated employing a nuclease. Genetic Engineering is a vast subject and comprises of innumerable subtopics such as gene targeting, molecular cloning, exons, point mutations etc. Modern Biology uses genetic engineering technique and transforms the whole genetic model of an individual. Surprisingly, genetically modified organisms are employed for production of recombinant proteins.

Viruses: Viruses are organic structures that have life and can react with other living organisms. They are evolved naturally and multiply by self assembly. It is a vast topic and holds lot of scope of research. They are of numerous types and their properties are remarkable. Any researcher can take one type of virus as a research topic and can carry an extensive research on it.

Plant Biology: Plants play a great role in facing the challenges relating with plant structures, functions, development, classification, evolution etc. Researchers study the deep aspects of Plant Biology and relate its connection with environment. These aspects play a vital role in solving majority of challenges prevailing in today’s world.

Birds and Diseases: Birds and infections are closely related and there are around 60 diseases that are transmitted through their droppings. Some of the bird diseases can be transmitted through pigeons, house sparrows, starling, geese etc and is a vast research topic to work on. The problem becomes graver for people living in residential areas as these diseases are air borne and can be easily transmitted to human beings.

Inflammatory Diseases: Inflammatory disease is a complex process and reacts in response to injuries and infections. Inflammatory disorders begin with a misbalance in body as a result of introduction of foreign elements. Many times inflammatory diseases occur as a result of loss of immunity in an individual’s body.

In short to say these topics present a wide scope of research regarding their evolution, structure, reasons of inflammation, reactions with external factors and its context in with environment and human beings.