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Topics for a persuasive research paper you should avoid

Offensive topics should be avoided for a research paper. If you know your audience would be offended by a strong support of the Nazi party then it is best to avoid writing about that. There are many types of papers one can write. One of the most common type of paper is the argument essay where one presents his own point of view on a topic and proves it using primary and secondary data. It is also used to counter an idea that has already been presented by other writers. Your main aim of writing such a paper is to present your own point of view and present it in an accurate manner to suggest that the readers adopt your idea. To defend the argument, two sources of information are needed. These are primary data and secondary data.

The following steps are recommended when you are writing a persuasive paper.

  1. Select your area of interest. You first and foremost need to select your area of interest. For instance, if you are an environmentalist, you can set your area of interest to be climate change.
  2. Have a position. In an argumentative writing, you need to have a solid position, one that you are defending. Here, find out the position, the purpose of the paper and the general flow of information to use.
  3. Focus on the audience. It is essential that you take your time to analyze the readers or users of this report. Here, you need to ask yourself whether they are likely to agree or disagree with the notion.
  4. Start researching your work. Once you have done all this, you need to start doing the research by collecting the information. This is very critical as you will need to prove without any reasonable doubt that you have carefully read all available information on the topic. You should also identify key experts who take will time to advice you on the topic. Also, make arrangements with your local library.
  5. Restructure the essay. Now that you have gathered all the materials, conducted a lot of research, it is the high time that you start restructuring the essay to make it have a flow. As you do this, remember that the way you write the paper will have a significant effect on your career life.

There are many forms to support your argument. For instance, you can decide to support your argument as a fact. This is a tricky one because a fact must be proven above reasonable doubt. If it’s a quantitative research, facts must be proven statistically to produce a final answer. For a qualitative report, you should do your best to provide real solid proof of the content that you are working on. Your reader needs to see that you have carefully read the document and identified all types of arguments that can be derived.