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A Helpful Tutorial That Explains How To Write A Research Paper In APA Style

The APA is an academic writing style, which is the required format of a research paper. The particular writing style is the requirement given by the institution to the students to write their research paper.

General formatting rules:

  • Do not put page breaks in the middle of any section.
  • The title page, abstract, references, figure(s) and table(s) should be on their own fixed pages.
  • The entire paper should be written in the past tense using a 12-point font, one inch margin on all 4 sides and double spaced between lines.

Title Page:

  • The title page should be around 10-12 words, which should reflect the content of the research paper.
  • Title page would also include your name and the name of your institution.
  • The page header should be created giving the title of your paper as a running header.


  • The abstract of the research paper should be a single paragraph of no more than 120 words. It should be double spaced in a block format, which actually means no indentation at all.
  • The topic of the research paper should preferably be stated in a single sentence at the top of the abstract.
  • Then provide the brief overview of the methodologies, results and all the supportive discussions.


  • The introduction of the research paper shouldn’t be labeled as ‘Introduction’. Rather, the title of the research paper should go on the top, which shouldn’t be bold.
  • The beginning should be very interesting, which should grab the attention of the reader right from the start and continues until the paper comes to its conclusion.
  • Your introduction should have a logical flow of your ideas.
  • The description of every single study is not mandatory when giving any reference in the introduction.

Method: (bold and labeled)

  • It should include the methodologies used by you.

Materials: (bold and labeled)

  • It includes the materials used such as questionnaire or stimuli etc.

Apparatus: (bold and labeled)

  • If your paper includes scientific study, then this section will include any apparatus involved.

Procedure: (bold and labeled)

  • This is a broad section, which details all the procedure involved in the research paper.

Results: (bold and labeled)

  • This section contains the results of the study.

References: (bold and labeled)

  • Contains an alphabetic listing of the references, which are cited in the body of the paper.